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ESP has now become the world's top brand.

ESP College of Entertainment is part of the ESP Co, Ltd which was founded in Japan in 1975 to produce top-quality components for electric guitars and basses, as well as custom shop models for the guitar obsessed market.
ESP College of Entertainment started with guitar craft, and then developed professional musician and support staff courses. And now ESP College is dedicated to developing students' creative skills and natural talent, providing them the tools to develop careers as musicians and music industry professionals. If you are looking for a top contemporary music college in the middle of the entertainment industry, look no further than ESP College.

Global Network

We are making musical inroads in Japan and in the world.

ESP Company, Limited expands global music & entertainment networks. The guitar manufacture and sales department, music agency department, and the education department, provide comprehensive training and support for music professionals.

ESP Education Foundation is one of the biggest and leading comprehensive music colleges in Japan.
In Hollywood, we have a global educational environment, which covers all areas of entertainment such as music, movies, dramas, and TV. We focus on training and developing professional artists and staff, helping them to expand their professional network, and play an active part in the entertainment industry.

6752 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 U.S.A.

Elegance International
6767 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA.90028 USA
TEL. (323) 871-8318
FAX. (888) 413-1758

1534 N Highland Ave Hollywood, California 90028


A diamond doesn't start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular.

Our beliefs about teaching make that happen by building good relationships with students.

Taeko Shibuya, Executive Director of ESP College of Entertainment.

These days people often say that young people do not have dreams, but I think it is our school staff task to actually make them see what they can do in their field of interest.

We are preparing a lot of practical and fun lessons, that will develop students curiosity and creativity, to help them solve their problems. Students will have great confidence when they solve their own problems and successfully accomplish what they have thought of.This confidence is also a very important to stand on their own. We also strive to notice any slight changes that can happen to students by building a trustful relationship between students and staff. In fact, it is not uncommon for graduates to keep in touch with ESP Gakuen faculty members, as the relationship continues even after graduation.

Each student has a unique personality and there will be different dreams and goals. Our students will learn to make every effort to increase the power to draw on their dreams, and make more of being themselves. ESP Gakuen's belief is based on trust about each students potential. What all staff of ESP work towards is enabling you follow your dreams. Even if you leave this forest named ESP with a dream, ESP Gakuen wishes that you learn how to fly and start to dream in this safe forest.

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