ESP Support system


Introducing real estate companies affiliated with ESP Gakuen.
Please feel free to contact us with housing.

  • Short-term (3 months, 6 months) or long-term contracts can be selected.
  • It is safe because the manager is resident.
  • There is a plan with meals.
  • Furniture and home appliances are maintained and convenient.
  • There are also properties where you can practice musical instruments!

Kyoritsu Dormitories

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Find your housing from ESP location

Career guidance

At ESP Gakuen, we fully support everyone who is aiming for employment,
from introducing job information to interview preparation.
We support students individually for each student`s goal.
Even after graduation, you can receive the same support as you had while you were in school, such as changing jobs and re-employment!

Employment support system

Transfer to university

More than half of the universities in Japan have a “transfer admission”
If you have a “Technical Associate, Senmonshi” degree and have graduated from ESP,
transfer to a university is also considered as one of your career paths.
At ESP Gakuen, we support students who want to learn more and gain more experience.

Music activity support

ESP Gakuen is a specialized training college whose parent company is the “ESP Group” centered on ESP,
a musical instrument manufacturer.
By sharing the audition information in the debut support section of all ESP colleges.
Audition preparation, music activities or finding for members! Student Support Section will fully support you even after graduation!