Tuition and scholarships

ESP GAKUEN; apply to all ESP colleges


※The cost of textbooks, curriculum materials, and field trip necessary for the classes are included in the annual tuition fee. Participation in training programs and certification exams that are selective and voluntary are at the student’s own expense.
※The tuition fee, practical training fee, and facility fee, excluding the admission fee, can be paid in two installments of 650,000 yen each. If a scholarship is applied, the amount of the scholarship will be deducted from the 650,000 yen, and the remaining amount will be charged.


ESP GAKUEN Scholarship

① Determined based on attendance, grades, evaluations, etc. each semester until graduation. 80,000 yen per semester.

② JLPT Scholarship: 50,000 yen for JLPT N2, 100,000 yen for JLPT N1

・an additional 50,000 yen for those who pass JLPT N2 and later pass JLPT N1.

③ Language Education Institution Recommended Scholarship: 50,000 yen recommended from a Japanese language school.

④ Preparatory Program Scholarship: 100,000 yen for participating in a language course at a Japanese language school within Japan for the purpose of entering ESP GAKUEN.  

Inquire ICC, the foreign student admission department of ESP GAKUEN, and apply for a preparatory program certificate before applying for Japanese language school admission.

④ Preparatory program application process:

  • Inquiry about the program application at
  • Complete the application form
  • Upload scanned files of Japanese language school admission application, resume, and admission approval document
  • Preparatory program certification issued: When submitting an admission application later, please submit the certification along with the application. ※Please refer to page 10 of the 2024 Student Recruitment Guidelines for a list of recommended Japanese language schools.

ESP GAKUEN Corporation Special Scholarship System:
A corporate sponsored scholarship program in which ESP Guitar Corporation take part.

① For those who have completed an entry for the AO admission  

② Special scholarship entry period: June 1, 2023 – August 25, 2023

③ Submission of the first screening task: Submit a video of vocal, performance, voice acting, dialogue acting, etc., or an essay or report during the period from June 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023. (Refer to page 11 of the 2024 Student Recruitment Guidelines for essay or report examples.)

④ Notification of the results of the first screening in mid-September

⑤ Second screening in late September: Interview (online or face-to-face)

※ An audition for performance, such as a musician who signs a contract as a monitor artist with ESP guitar or base, will only be conducted face-to-face, and is scheduled for mid-October.

Other Scholarship Systems
(including external scholarship systems that can be applied for through school recommendation):
Refer to page 12 of the 2024 Student Recruitment Guidelines.

⑥ Study Abroad Promotion Program: Recommendation through document screening for EJU exam results and current student employment for 2-3rd year students. (Monthly 48,000 yen x 12 months)

⑦ The Kyoritsu maintenance scholarship recommended through school screening between December and January each year.

⑧ Encouragement subsidy for foreign exchange students in Shinjuku Ward: Recruitment starts every May after the Shinjuku Ward public announcement (application screening for enrolled students in their second year or above): 240,000 yen per year.

⑨ Tokyo YWCA “Scholarship for Mothers of Foreign Students” campaign: Selection is made through application screening and interview, including school recommendation letter.