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    Sound Creator Course / Diploma(Senmonshi in Music),〔2 Years〕Careers in Music
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MI Tokyo’s Sound Creator Program provides the technical knowledge and professional skills you need to survive as an independent recording and performing artist in today’s music world. Experienced instructors guide you through the complete creative process from songwriting, arranging, recording and production to marketing and promotion.
Use your personal laptop audio workstation to record and mix live vocals, instruments, samples and loops into finished tracks, then showcase them on your self-designed website. Whether you are a singer, producer, composer, arranger or mastering engineer, MI Tokyo prepares you to take control of your future.


Fundamental Techniques

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Computer Recording Contents of Class:Music Production Using step-by-step project-based instruction, students will be guided through the basic techniques of using a computer for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering a musical composition.Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to record and edit audio data, as well as produce, arrange, mix, and master their musical compositions.
Studio Recording Contents of Class:Recording Techniques DAW software has long been used for traditional beat-making and sequencing for MIDI. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to navigate through the software, including the various windows, route audio signal and MIDI, and create basic tracks.
Song Analysis/Songwriting Contents of Class:Music Production Analysis Designed for aspiring music professionals, this course is the study of popular music composition devices and their foundation in basic music theory. This is accomplished through the analysis of popular harmonic structures, melodies, and various common rhythmic patterns. Basic harmony and theory will be covered, including the role of melody, harmony and rhythm, major vs. minor chord qualities, song form and the basics of chart creation.
Pro Tools 101&110 Contents of Class:Pro Tools This course focuses on the basic concepts and theory involved in using a digital audio workstation. Students will be able to set-up an Avid Pro Tools session for recording, importing audio, editing, recording MIDI, backing-up data, and more.
Keyboard Proficiency Contents of Class:Keyboard Proficiency Keyboard Proficiency serves as an introduction to contemporary keyboard technique. Through the study of physical posture, finger technique, diatonic scales & chord progressions, this course will enable students to develop the necessary motor skills require for using the keyboard both as a performing instrument and compositional tool.
Live Sound Production Contents of Class:Console Operation: Venue Student will gain hands-on experience operating a console for a venue live sound production system. Student learn setup and configuration as well as mixing tips and tricks.
Project Advising Contents of Class:Project Advising Working in close consultation with various project advisors, students begin planning and creating their final independent artist project.
Students are required to complete a culminating experience that serves as both a practicum and bridge to the professional world. The student will develop his/her unique project, set of compositions/arrangements, DIY marketing plan, website and album art, the goal of which is a professional outcome.
Harmony & Theory Contents of Class:Music Theory This course is the study of popular music composition devices and their foundation in basic music theory. This is accomplished through the analysis of popular harmonic structures, melodies, and various common rhythmic patterns.
Ear Training Contents of Class:Ear Training This course presents the essential reading fundamentals needed by professional-level drummers: lead sheet interpretation, drum set orchestration, sight-reading and ensemble figure set-up fill development.In ear training students are developing their inner ear, the ability to accurately hear and identify musical elements in their head while reading, listening to, and thinking about music.
Music Business Contents of Class:Music Business This course will introduce aspiring artists to the business side of music. It covers the key areas and issues artists should be aware of when creating and marketing music, developing their careers, selecting artist-team members, seeking industry attention, and entering into contractual relationships. It will present, in a realistic way, what it takes to stand out, protect vital interests and ultimately be successful in the music business today.
English Communication Contents of Class:English Communication Students will develop their fluency through a range of speaking activities.Aim to introduce related vocabulary related to music topics.

Special lectures

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LPW(Live Playing Workshop) Contents of Class:Wide range of opportunities to gain valuable performing experienceEnsemble LPWs provide students with a wide range of opportunities to gain valuable performing experience by concentrating in one area or by sampling a variety of styles and musical setting.
Develop stage-ready live performing skills in contemporary styles from blues, jazz, fusion, rock, funk, hard rock, heavy metal, and J-Pop.
Open Counseling Contents of Class:Personalized Open counseling connects you to the best counseling no matter what is your major or grade. Small class sizes, private lessons and open counseling sessions mean you get personalized attention and guidance from a variety of instructors.
Elective Contents of Class:Electives Electives are meant to be fun and interesting. You can go in the other direction of what your major is or take classes that meld with your major. They can be an immense benefit to your professional career.

Time / period

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Time / period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:30-11:00 Computer Recording Studio Recording Song Analysis/
Keyboard Proficiency Project Advising Studio Rental
11:15-12:45 Music Business Harmony & Theory English Communication Pro Tools 101&110 Ear Training
12:45-13:30     Lunch Time    
13:30-14:15     Open Counseling    
14:30-16:00 Live Playing Workshop Live Sound Production Live Playing Workshop
16:15-17:45     Elective      
18:00-20:00     Studio Rental    

* Timetable is subject to change.

Tech House / Techno Track Making

Takeo Namiki

Based on the music experience gained while working as a guitarist, Mr. Namiki now performs at major festivals in Japan and around the world as psychedelic trans artist “CYLON”.

What do I learn at this elective course?
The Tech House/Techno scene has been a very strong upsurge in Tokyo’s club scene from 2020. You can learn to create that Tech House/Techno/Minimal track by yourself! I will teach the secret to creating a techy sound that makes you feel state of the art 2022’s. You will learn the skill to create a sound that makes your body move before you know it. Both those experienced and inexperienced with DTM can take this course as long as you are interested in club music.

Featured Faculty

Saita Takashi

【PROFILE】 Got to the sound engineer’s path from his childhood hobby.
The principal of Sound Human Inc.

Tanaka Toshimitsu

【PROFILE】 A composer, arranger, pianist and music producer.
Started a studio musician as soon as he finish Keio University.
Scorring for commercial, T.V., animation etc.