Program and Courses


  • Vocal Course
  • Guitar Vocal Course
  • Singer and Songwriter Course
  • Guitar Course
  • Bass Course
  • Drums Course

You will learn how to play an instrument, singing, writing musical composition, and ensemble. Classes have a small number of students, adjusted to each level. In the second year, the curriculum is focused on the playing style and music genre, so you can choose classes to meet your needs.


  • Performer course
  • Vocal Performance Course
  • Personality Performance Course

This faculty's aim is to develop "an all-around performer" who can play an active part in show business as a vocalist, TV personality, and an actor/actress.

Sound Creator

  • Top Liner Course
  • Vocaloid Course
  • PA Recording Course
  • Recording Course

This faculty’s aim is for students to learn about “the sound” itself like studio production of CDs.
Participating in sound production, composition or arrangements in the Top Liner Course. Learning about the concert PA or recording in the Recording & PA Course. Acquiring practical experience and learning in the professionally operated studio sets at our Academy in the Recording Course.

Artist Staff

First year

  • Artist staff course

Second year

  • Management Course
  • Fan Club Staff Course
  • Record company course

In this faculty, your aim of studying is related to management, fan club, and CD labels, which are very close position to the artists. Through the practical curriculums, such as making CDs, running fan clubs publicity, and sales, you will learn responsibility and the importance of teamwork which are necessary for working with artists and performers.

Concert Staff

  • Concert Planning Course
  • PA(Public Address) Course
  • Gaffer Course
  • Music Club Course
  • Roadie Course

The students in PA (Public Address) Course and Gaffer Course take part in many events in and out of school as event staff and acquire a thorough training. Those in Music Club Course, whose aims are to get jobs at music club and other venues, will learn about PA and Gaffer. Also Roadie Course students learn about musical instruments and equipment, and aims at becoming a musical instrument staff who can work in various music events and venues.

General Music Staff

First year

  • General music stuff course

Second year

  • Production course
  • Concert engineer course
  • Creator course

Studying in the department of general music staff, you can study wide variety of jobs in music industry including manager, fan club staff, planning concert, sound effect, lighting, recording engineer, etc. You will find what you really want to do and pick your desired course and job in the future. You can expand the selection range of your career opportunities because of the variety of courses above.

Guitar Craft

This faculty consists of two types of programs. You will learn all the skills about guitars in a three-year program, such as making and repairing guitar bodies, making guitar amplifiers and stomp boxes, handling equipment and instruments. In the two-year program, you will learn the skills in the short term to be a professionally skilled person in the guitar craft trade.

A three-year program

First year/Second year

  • Guitar Craft Course
  • Guitar Player Course

Third year

  • Guitar Craft Course
  • Guitar Repair Course
  • Guitar Amplifier and Effects Pedal Course
  • Guitar Player Course

A two-year program

First year

  • Solid Guitar Craft Course
  • Acoustic Guitar Craft Course

Second year

  • Guitar Craft Postgraduate Course
    A one-year advanced program,
    After finishing the faculty of guitar craft.

Piano Tuning

  • Piano tuner course
  • Piano/wind instrument course

In this course, you will mainly work on piano tuning with one on one teaching. You will also aim to get a job, such as piano repair and fine adjustment, and the skills of taking apart and repairing. You will learn about the basic tuning and the knowledge of Instruments in the first year, and choose the either Piano Tuning or Piano Repair Course, depending on your decision of career after graduation.
The broader knowledge and technique of a piano are learned and a second grader aims at the tuner who can cope with any kind of troubles.

Wind Instrument Repair

First year

  • Wind Instruments Repair Course
  • Wind Instruments General Course

Second year

  • Wind Instruments Repair Course
  • Wind and Percussion Instruments Repair Course
  • Wind Instruments General Course

Both in Wind Instruments Repair Course and in Wind and Percussion Instruments Repair Course, you will learn the necessary skills, such as the way of using tools, metalworking, brass and woodwind repair and adjustment, through two years. In Wind Instruments Player Course, as well as instruments repair and the maintenance, ensembles and the private music lessons by instructor will be the main curriculum.


Music Artists

  • Vocal Course
  • Singer and Songwriter Course
  • Guitar Vocals Course
  • Guitar Courses
  • Bass Course
  • Drums Course
  • Musician and Staff Course
  • Artist and Creator Course
  • DJ Club Music Course
  • Vocal Performance Course
  • Performer Course

ESP GAKUEN Inc. is closely related to the music trade, so a lot information about auditions come to our college through our original connections and networks. Also, we invite professionals actively at work in the music trade to the frequent auditions in our college.

The stage you will be actively at work in is "show business." The Debut Support Section will help you debut with their support through the special auditions and presentations which are held at our ESP GAKUEN Inc. student specific venues.

Voice Actor

  • Talent Performance Course
  • Voice Actor Training Course
    Choose your major from followings in 2nd year.
  • Voice Actor & Dubbing
  • Voice Actor & Vocal
  • Voice Actor & TV Actor
  • Voice Actor & Narration

You will learn skills, such as dubbing/voice over, narration, and personality, etc. And then aim is to work actively in various fields, such as animation, stage, movies, music, radio, etc.

General Music & Entertainment Staff

  • PA(Public Address) Course
  • Recording Course
  • PA & Recording Course
  • Gaffer Course
  • Gatter & PA Course
  • Roadie Course
  • Event Planning Course
  • Artist Staff Course
    Choose your major from following in 2nd year.
  • Manager / Record Company
  • Fan Club Management / Design
  • Hair Design & Make Up Artist Course

This course is for students whose aim is working together with musicians and creating the total works of art, such as albums, movies, TV, CD, DVD, CM, etc.
We will teach you intelligibly from the basics, with a small number of students using real concert halls or recording studios.

PA and Gaffer staff, make up the exciting moments where the band, staff, audience, and the concert hall come together. In the training, you will simulate setting up the basic equipment and instruments and machinery for performances at venues and concert halls, with the aim of becoming a professional concert staff.

In Artist Staff Course, students have the aim of becoming the person in a position which is very close to the artists, such as a manager, a fan club staff, a director, promoter, etc. The common concept of these positions is "how you create the artists to look good on the stage" and "how you enable many people to share the artist's values."


Voice Actor Department

First year

  • Voice-Actor Training Course

Second year

  • Voice-Actor & Dubbing
  • Voice-Actor & Vocals
  • Voice-Actor & Narration
  • Voice-Actor & Acting
  • Voice-Actor
  • Voice-Actor and Comic Illustrator

You will learn skills, such as dubbing/voice over, narration, and personality, etc. And then aim to work actively in various fields, such as animation, stage, movies, music, radio, etc.