There are 6 schools in the 6 major cities in Japan, and the main school is in Hollywood. Each school makes its own curriculums appropriate to the area. They affiliate with the entertainment division of the subsidiaries, and get many major record companies' attention.

Private Lesson Program For International Students

Available course / period of study

Available course:
guitar, vocal, base, drums, keyboards, independent musician, and DJ
Entrance fee:
JPY 50,000 (except the student of ESP Musical Academy
Period of study:
Once a week x 10 times (total 10 hours) JPY 80,000
Twice a week x 10 times (total 20 hours) JPY 150,000
*Please contact us if you want to take more lessons per week.
A certificate of completion will be awarded after the end of the lesson.

This is a special plan that allow you to: study at ESP Musical Academy or Japanese language school and take private lessons at MI Japan outside regular school hours. Please choose a plan from the list above. Basically, all the lessons are taken 60 minutes per day.

MI JAPAN Short Term Study Program
For International Students

Program outline

MI TOKYO provides short program with no academic degree for overseas student
You can learn contemporary music in 10 weeks.
There is no compulsory subject and required credit.
Admission is available in the first, second, and third term.

Contents of the program

  • Private lesson by your desired instructor
  • You can choose your desired lesson from all of the lesson available.
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Private lesson

Course you have selected
This is the time you can ask questions regarding what you want to learn in 10 weeks and career after graduation.

Personal schedule

The educational staff will give counseling according to the students academic level and suggest appropriate course or subject. Student can take course up to 15 credit minutes.

*The availability of the course may change in each term.

Open counseling

You can go to the class and meet the teacher after making arrangement. The teacher gives you counseling regarding question, preparation, review, and career. It is totally open and free no matter what your grade and major are.

LPW (Live Playing Workshop)

It is an ensemble course using theme song of different style and genre. The theme song is announced in each term, and you can pick different songs. The musical score and the source of sound is provided to you, you practice with them, and perform on the stage. The instructor can give you advise at the scene. You can have these special opportunities even everyday.

Program period

Within 3 months
There are 3 terms at MI TOKYO and the students can take the whole 1 term.

*Repeating is totally free.

Available course

Guitar, vocal, base, drums, keyboards, Independent musician, DJ

Entrance requirements

  • Application for entrance
  • Japanese: ordinary conversation level
  • A certificate of completion will be awarded after the end of the lesson.


JPY 630,000(including study material and facility fee)

*It must be paid before the registration for subjects to take

Yearly schedule


• First term
Registration for subjects to take: April 8 ~ April 10 / Class starts: April 14 / Test week: June 24 ~ June 30

• Second term
Class starts: August 25 / Test week: November 3 ~ November 7

•Third term
Class starts: December 1 / Test week: March 2 ~ March 6

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