ESP's best craftsmen directly teach. The graduates are widely active in the musical instruments industry, not only in ESP.

Available course / period of study

Electric guitar short course
Period of study: 3 months 12 days

On the job training: you do all the process from wood processing, painting technique, to build up, and complete making a building standard model

Period of study惻Days

Entrance season
May/ September/ December
Period of study
3 months (once a week)
Lesson hours
9:30 ~ 16:00 (1 hour lesson, including 1 hour lunch break),
Saturday or Sunday.*

*Note: above schedule is called "school schedule."

*Supplementary lesson will be held for those who cannot make the school schedule.

*School starts at 10:30 when it has no lesson.

•School expenses

Entrance fee: JPY 50,000/ Tuition: JPY 265,000/ Training fee: JPY 450,000

*ESP Musical Academy's student is exempt from the entrance fee of JPY 50,000.

*The school expense above include all the fees such as materials for the instruments.

*All tools necessary for the production are provided by the school for free.

Above amount of JPY includes sales tax.

Entrance requirements

  • Who ever is interesting in repairing and customizing guitar and base.
    Educational background, age, and sex are no object
  • Ability to handle normal Japanese conversation is required. ( not writing skills)
  • A certificate of completion will be awarded after the end of the curriculum.


  1. Shaving out and carpentry
    The way to use Japanese-style plane and file
    The body is given when the carpentry process is done.
  2. Basic knowledge of lacquer coating, the way to use spray gun,
    the first coat to the top coat, grinding, and finishing
  3. Final adjustment: installing parts and adjusting the balance, learning general
    adjustment to achieve both feeling of performance and the sound
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